Upcoming Course Offerings

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in our Learning Journeys program this year. We were so excited to launch cohort versions of the STEPPSI and SpIRiT flagship courses.  Learning in community has been incredible and we look forward to providing cohort opportunities again in 2024.


2023:  Enrollment is open now for The STEPPSI course using a self- paced format. Participants will have the opportunity to work through the pre-recorded lecture videos and  integrated learning activities at their own pace. Please see the course page for additional details.

2024: The next STEPPSI cohort will take place in February 2024. More details will be available later this year. In the meantime, if you have a group of learners (5 or more) that would like to take The STEPPSI together as a private cohort, please reach out to [email protected] and we can discuss further details.

The SpIRiT:

Enhancing Clinical Reasoning to Elevate Practice: An Introduction to The SpIRiT© (Sensory processing/ Integration Reasoning interactive Tool) 

2023: Our cohort version of The SpIRiT course launched in August 2023 and is well under way.  We believe this new version of the course will provide additional support for participants as they learn how to utilize The SpIRiT process in everyday practice through interactive learning opportunities via live, online cohort meetings. The cohort offering of The SpIRiT course is closed to enrollments at this time. We look forward to you joining us in 2024.

2024: A self paced version of The SpIRiT course will be available in February of 2024 and the next cohort will run in Fall of 2024. In the meantime, if you have a group of learners (5 or more) that would like to take The SpIRiT together as a private cohort, please reach out to [email protected] and we can discuss further details.

In person learning:

We also are excited to share that we have resumed in person course offerings. If you have a group of clinicians that would like to host Tracy for a continuing education opportunity, please contact [email protected] to receive additional information. 

The DFX Learning Journeys Community: We are incredibly excited for the upcoming launch of our Learning Journeys Community . This community will serve as a landing pad for therapists committed to ongoing continuing education and elevated therapeutic practice. More details coming soon.

Thank you all for your ongoing participation and support. We appreciate being part of each and every one of your learning journeys. 

Developmental FX

Who Are We?

We are a Denver based nonprofit that works with children that have a range of learning and developmental disabilities. By working with educators, providers, and families, we are able to provide the unique, individualized care that each child needs to reach their full potential. Through our research and ‘Therapy that Fits’ signature programs, we are extending our knowledge and the landscape nationally and globally of what transformative care looks like for children and families.

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Our Mission

Innovation in preparing parents, educators, and therapists.

Additional Resources

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Joining You on Your Learning Journey...

Tracy Murnan Stackhouse has been studying and practicing pediatric occupational therapy for over 35 years.

As is true for most of us, she was drawn to the field because of a love of children and the belief in the infinite possibility of childhood. 

As clinicians, we want to use our gifts to help heal and bring about each child's joyful full potential. Once we enter practice, we may be, to varying degrees or at varying times, overwhelmed at all it seems there is to know in order to be effective. This is where the DFX Learning Journeys program comes from - the passion for making clinical reasoning and neuroscience accessible for all of us. 

The power of our connection and intention are keys to, in Dr. Ayres' words, "evincing adaptive responses" -- which result in the type of therapy we envision and strive to provide.

Clinical reasoning, grounded in our amazingly rich theories, approaches, and neuroscience, sets us up for clear intention and allows for our connected presence and brings us full circle back to why each of us became a therapist in the first place. It's also the juice that keeps it exciting, interesting, and compelling for the long term.

Thank you for the music!

Generosity is a Gift of Spirit! With immense gratitude, we thank Colm Mac Con Iomaire for generously allowing us to utilize his music throughout the courses shared here. It is our hope to share his music and create a special moment of joy and celebration of true artistry and the Irish spirit as inspiration! https://www.colmmacconiomaire.com/